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Nickname: Matatoken Gender: Male Age: 28 Country: Brazil - RJ

Playing since 1999 in the old Archmage in Mari servers.

Speciality: Green/White/Black.

Was member of the following guilds:

TKA (The Kinship Alliance - Leadered by Zebullah, Shiver and Derfel). Later, the leadership passed to Daemon. Good guild in old times and their forum were in avidgamers site.++AA++ ,GOTR (Old Guardians of The Rift),SPC - Social Politic Control,KINDRED,TWOR - The Weares of Red,Legion of the Dragons,Guardians of Darkness.

Friends in game: Miltinho (great teacher and council member in GOTR),Pedro,Bryst,Braveheart,Xuxinha,ManoBrown,SoldadoNegro and Nivellen (The greatest nether women player in Archmage history. She is in the HOF).

Old players that i remember nicknames: Mayberry,Mercutio,PoeticFate,Sauron,Odysseus,Utopia.

Playing now in SOD (Shroud of Darkness) alliance in BLITZ server.

Waiting for next reset in APP.(30/01/07)