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Date of Birth: August 19, 1985

Place of Birth: Puebla, Mexico.

Played Archmage since 1998.

Used to be mainly an Ascendant player, but could be as competitive with Phantasm magic.

Never played a serious blitz server but the Spanish. Founder and Leader of La Legion [LL] and member of La Mano Negra, guild with which he managed to make it to the Hall with his alias GOnE, which is the other nicks he used besides Navestax, b-3n0 and Xatsevan.

In the reincarnation he played as one of the leaders of Gremio -=G=-, a guild with most of its members being spanish speakers.

Other memorable reset of his in the reincarnation was when he played as a member of No Pressure [NP], the dominating guild during the reset.

During Maritel's Archmage, he was also one of the moderators of the forum in spanish and in The Reincarnation he managed to get a position as one of the translators of the spanish interface, a job he never conclude because of personal issues.

Currently retired from competitive playing, but still keeping an eye on the game once in a while.