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Necrology started his days as an Archmage back the AM days - about year 2000. He played in the Server Guild as ND. But was recruited by The Unity of Forbidden Knowledge [UFK], lead by Reborm. He found himself in a brotherhood, where mages like The Trout, Shadow X, gecko88, Zarkahn, Memnot and mrknight were to be found.
Later Necrology was promoted to the rank of Talon Leader, advancing up the guild ladder and slowely understanding some game mechanics.
The guild later reformed itself, especially through and thanks to The Trouts creative writings. It was shaped in the sadistic form of The Experimental Group of Misplaced Aggressors [EGMA]. And Necrology found himself as a diplomat - [aka Stubborn Moralist].
The guild however started falling apart and mostly the guild core stuck up. Everything went into inactivity and AM closed.

Necrology joined up in The Reincarnation some time in spring 2004, trying out stuff. Playing Verdant seemed ok for a while. He played around with Ice Age, under Sundancer's command. Mad amounts of game information. The guild later dissolved.
He then posted his "Need guild.. offers? ;)" post in Oct 03rd 2004 15:00, He joined forces with Spite & Malice [S&M], but got kicked later for not giving a damn.

Later he got contacted by DKnight, leader of God Mode, and joined up sometime in April 2005. He then evolved his skills even further, thanks to his fellow guild members. He is currently playing phantasm.

Necrology enjoys getting his heroes killed over stupid things, ie. disbands and mono stacking with + 1 archer and 1 miltia.


Other Mage (#)'s 28 Leviathans are slain during battle.
Necrology (#)'s 647 Djinni are slain during battle.
Necrology (#)'s 1 Militias are slain during battle.
Necrology (#)'s hero Lucielle Carrington Amazon is killed during battle.


Name: Peter-Michael Holdgaard Nielsen

Gender: Male

Date Of Birth: 22nd of July, 1986

City: Vestbjerg

Country: Denmark

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Body Type: Average

Height: 170cm

Education: High School

Occupation: Deputy