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Player name: Nosaj



Personal Information

Real Name: jason cullen

Age: 20

D/O/B: 08/08/1987

Gender: Male

Country: Ireland

Occupation: Student/ Part time Swimming instructer/ Part time toy shop sales assistant.

Interests: Film, Sci Fi, Nintendo, My laptop, Editing pictures, tv, music, swimming, lifesaving, etc...

The-reincarnation History

I started Playing the-reincarnation about 5 years ago when i was at school, got more active when i started college and joined Apprentice Academy.I graduated from there and played as a non discript mage to learn my own ways on how to play. Currently i am the Co-Leader of Library of Angels, trying to teach all the new mages i can the knowledge i have gained over my years of playingl.

Signature Workshop

Thanks to inspiration from Ninarx, i grew interested in Signature rendering and have been trying my hand at that for about a year now, i improve with every sig i have made

here are a few i have created for those who have asked me