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Orx a.k.a Lord Orx, "Dorx", "Oxra", "orc boy"
Occupation: CompSci student/Indie game dev/code monkey
Interests: Game design, dodgeball...

Started on Mari Archmage's blitz 2 server during reset 2, vigorously clicking for luck, and played as a nether mage. Following the next arma, I didn't learn my lesson and became nether again, probably fueled by the fact I could shrug off CoS members attacks, even though unknown white mages still hurt me easily. During this time, I joined the HoJ, and my status as a nether mage put me under Circe, who was the general for nether ( I still think it was called black back then ) mages. Got tired of getting beat down by whites ( ascendancy ) mages, and rolled green, which allowed me to get my revenge on white mages. Found out I was pretty good as a green mage, and moved up in ranks as HoJ became more powerful, first to verdancy general, and then to war master. During this time, Archmage was in its golden age, and many successful and fun wars took place with HoJ vs. random mid to mid-high powered guilds, and I also decided to play on Server 1 as a member of the Pacifists? guild, as their RoE was entertaining. Real life issues, plus the effects of guild restructuring following the departure of [[[User:Sherkhaan|Sherkhaan]], led to me leaving Archmage some time later. This was also exasperated by the fact that I was a top 50 mage by this time, yet all the mages around me in rank were part of that high rank guild block that was ever so popular to form on b2 back then. This caused me to be the only viable target for some mages, being a member of a non-pact guild. This, and the boredom that came with the game, coupled with the growth of multi-mages, made leaving an easy decision. Fast forward 7 years or so later to current times ( early March '07 ), after graduating Highschool, and waiting to finish at my University, I joined The Reincarnation to learn from the design of the game what made me enjoy it so much when I was 15.

Other stuff

I probably should write some RP IC text that sounds like the start of an epic storyline, just like I would have back in '99, but I'm not as big on RPing as I was when I was younger. Maybe I'll get bored and add it here one day, who knows?