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Pad is a student of architecture currently living in Glasgow, UK. He started playing in 1999 as a solo player, and was also known back then by several other monikers - usually Feanor. Initially after trying out each server he mainly played in a2 and s2, and non-guilded in apprentice server. Later some of his RL friends got involved in the game and the formed their first guild called The Last Alliance. Since then Pad has played in many guilds including in MARI AM The Imperium (app, a1), The Wearers of Red, Grey division, TMNG, the pacifists?, and others which he cannot remember at present.. In TR he has been a part of CCG, The Pen is Mighty in both apprentice and guild servers, and several other guilds which he forgets at present.

Pad learned a lot of his TR/archmage knowledge from DaveMcW, stormchild and Tijn as well as his own experience.

Pad played in every reset of TR since the second reset, but has only ever played one full reset of TR (in apprentice server). His activity is on and off.