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My name is Repsaj, and the name comes from my real name backwards. Known on the UBB as Mantou. I started playing AM back in 2002 and played a couple resets totally not knowing what i was doing, but having fun looking at all the pretty unit descrtiptions. After discovering TR, i have quickly integrated myself into society. My first reset was unguilded in blitz, my 2nd and 3rd with GoAP in blitz, where i quickly learnt game knowledge under the mentors of Argon, Revenger, Weaver and Mulltani. Now, I play for the type of clan that best suits my desires: Killing mages with Wama. Still new, learning more about stacking and warring each day. I play on all four servers, but my main is on blitz and guild. I like killing, and my trigger finger is usally very fast. Less talking, more killing is my motto.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, lived in Canada, California, Beijing and Hong Kong. 19 and currently living in California where i attend college. In general a nice guy, but can be rather harsh to people I don't know. Feel free to PM Mantou on UBB to get to know me better, or drop by the wama channel. I am free to give and receive suggestions, opinions, and general flaming.