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ShadowDragon was born in 1981 on January 17. In Jefferson City, Missouri USA. I played archmage back in the day when I was in high school. 1997 or so. Now I have 5 kids and a wonderful wife. We own a home in Kansas City, Kansas. In the game I have recently come back to playing around 3-4 resets ago and hope on getting my family involved in the game. I play on Guild and App servers (Blitz is to dang fast!) I have a strong sense of honor and hope that I conduct my mage in an honorable fashion at all times. I seek to find guilds that I can be of service to. I have achieved the title of Guild Seneschal in App. server in the service of The Praetorian Crusaders. On Guild server I am working tword the same rank and already pursue the duties in the service of The White Ravens. Thanks for viewing. You can email me or IM me on MSNIM at Happy maging. May honor guide your hand.



You walk for many miles through swampy marsh to the entrence of the ShadowDragon's lair. The muck sticks to your boots and frequently things rub up against your legs that are fully submerged in stagnant water. Your guide is a dark cloaked fellow with a pipe in his mouth. Ahead of you he prods the mushy ground with a long pole trying to find the few safe paths through the gnat filled mire. He chuckles and turns to you when you let out an involuntary yelp as some unseen swamp creature rubs up against your thigh as it swims between your submerged legs.

"So why exactly did you decide to seek the wisdom of the dark lord ShadowDragon? You know many have tried to seek answers and all have failed. Anyone I have taken here never go back. Sure I wait for a few hours until the chill from the sewage numbs my legs but when I am sure they are not coming out I leave. I'll never go into that cave thats for sure! Fools the lot of you. If I ever need advice I ask my mother. She always tells me right and I often get a hot meal besides. Ah we are close now. Just a few more steps."

You round a clump of dense vegetation and see the lair loom out of the gloom and fog of the swamp. Five huge obsidion statues depicting dragons in different poses are arranged around a building surrounded by giant black pillars. As you walk tword the ruins a cold wind blows silently to over you and chills you to the core. Your guide stops at the foot of the building and shakily tells you that this is as far as he goes. Several steps carry you out of the sludge and up the steps to the interier of the building where you see a ramp slanting down into the depths of the earth. A noise behind you makes you start and look back where your guide was standing. He is no longer there. Deep ominous laughter resonates around you coming from everywhere at once and the area around you gets darker like an eclipse has covered the already dim sunlight filtering through the trees and vines. The smell of familiar smoke makes you turn back to the entrance to the downward spiraling ramp and you come face to nose to a monsterous black reptile. Terror makes every muscle in your body snap ridged and a little "MEEP!" escapes from your mouth. The creature slowly moves it's serpantine neck to the side to fix you with one wagon wheel sized black eyball and you can't help but notice your previous guide's pipe hanging from the side of the dragons mouth between two scimitar sized fangs. The sound of a bellows filling and the pipe glowing red hot startles you before you see smoke rings puff from the beast's nostrils.

"Why have you come? What do you want? I hope you have brought me an acceptable offering."

A dark purple tounge the size of a python slips between two fangs to inspect you in a way most macabre.

"It would be a pity to have to dine on your rotting corpse. I find peoples can be so very useful if for only entertainment purposes if they have half a brain. Hurry up now! Speak before I run out of what is already more than you desurve in patience."

From death blue trembling lips comes your hesitant reply.

"LL.... lll.....LLoorrrddd Sh..Sh..Sh.. SHADOWDRAGON!!"

The great reptilian beast lets out a snort of laughter and lifts its head high on it's serpantine neck. "You trudged all this way braving lizardmen, hydras, wyverns, zombies, and ghouls just to tell me my own name. It seems that human civilization is most definately suffering from a severe decline of inteligence."

Dark eyes regard you with but a moments hesitation before a great plume of dark black smoke engulfs your world. Instantly you are engulfed in compleate blackness that is much more than empty. It seems as if you can feel your very essence, your soul leaking from your body into the cloud. Your head is filled with a mind-numbing shreak but you never do know if it was from your own mouth.

Sometime later you slowly awaken to a slow dripping sound. Your face is laying in something thick and wet like mud. It takes several agonizing moments to roll over onto your tortured side and back. As you look up to where the sky should have been you briefly glimpse the sharpened points of many stalagmites dangling over your head illuminated by a faintly red flickering light. A grime filled drip of water slaps directly into your eye and you curse as you flinch to the side. Several yards beside you something stirs at your sharp noise. A resonant voice fills the cavern.

"Are you awake little one from Terra? You are lucky I noticed the pin that my countries elders have placed upon your sash. I was planning on depositing you in the swamp next to a few over zealous knights I had marinating there. Halfway there I caught a glimmer of sunlight off of that bauble you have. Teach me to fly in the glow of that wretchid orb. Now I have to hear what you have to say. Does Terra come calling for the Honorable ShadowDragon to once again lead a country of men to greatness?"

Sometime during the great dragon's speech you took the care to extricate yourself from the ground. Your body seems whole and well aside from the aching and stiffness of your limbs. Your nerves had even calmed down enough for you to stop jittering uncontrolably from the sight of the beast. Unfortunately after you realized that the stuff you were laying in was the blood coming from a small mountain of dismembered body parts the violent shaking of your nerves began anew.

"Y..yyy...yy...yes Lord sh.. sh... sh.. ShadowDragon. T...t ...t tt.... Terra needs you again!"

The gargantuan creature reaches up a scythe sized claw to scratch it's canoe shaped jaw. A loud thoughtful rumbling fills the cavern as the monster ponders the shaking intruder to its cave.

"Were you told that in order for me to travel to Terra that I would have to feast on your brains?"

You suddenly find it near impossible to remain standing before the dark creature. Down on your knees you grovel covering your head with your quaking arms in terror before the end of your life comes by way of rending teeth and slicing claw.

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