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Age: 19

DOB: 4.30.89

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Asian American - Taiwanese

Current Status

Currently a member of the class of 2010 at Northwestern University.

Born in West Lafayette, Indiana.


Started playing Archmage in 1998, and then quit in 2002. Joined TR in 2005.

Mostly plays Icon ERADICATION.gif, some Icon NETHER.gif, and the occasional Icon PHANTASM.gif.

Semi-retired as of Valentine's Day, 2008.

Wiki Vandalization Tolerance

  • I will block any IP address that is connected with any instance of vandalization.
No more anonymous edits!
  • Registered users will get ONE warning on his or her talk page before getting blocked.
  • The vandalized page will be reverted to its original state, so there really is no point in vandalizing.
  • Witty userpage changes will be accepted. We don't need you to post up porn links -- I'm sure we can all use Google to find our own.