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Real Life Information

Real name: Gunilla

Gender: Female

Age: 95 in the morning, 21 when im at my best and the biogical..somewhere in between ;-)

Location: Sweden

Definition of Snofsan: MEOW


Apprentice server: AppA & DMW, Legion of the Blood God, The Wassai

Guild server: RoC, SPQR, TCA, Pacifists?

Blitz server: GoAP, CoT, Wartree's guilds on a few occasions

Beta: Some versions of old friends gathering and after that BETACREW ftw.

Leadership positions

AppA: Recruiter, Diplomat, Leader

DMW: Diplomat, Leader

SPQR: Leader

Pacifists?: Leader

GoAP: Diplomat, Immortal

Beta: Leader for BETACREW when some strange person suggested a Snoffie theme and they turned into Snoffie's Angels

Some info about my stay in those guilds

Snofsan was a brilliant student and soon assumed responsabilities in AppA. She was one of the few newbie to have the honour and privilige to carry AppA leadership.

Once she was mischieved to join the evil DMW she rapidly acquired great skills in the art of war which surprisingly earned her leadership at DMW. She is also a teacher at AppA and a very dedicated player.

Functions on TR Staff

Snofsan was recruited by Ninarx to serve as moderator for App/Arch server. After that she was promoted to Global Moderator and eventually after Ninarx resigned - stepped up to be Head Moderator in March 2008. To be able to do her work in a more conveniant way - she also during 2009 was getting the final approval and turned into Board Admin.

Apprentice server moderator and Global Moderator: 2007 - 2008

Head Moderator: 2008 -

Board Admin: 2009 -