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These are all original quotes, no forgery

Quote #1

[04:16] <@StupS> ****link deleted due to privacy****
[04:16] <@StupS> that was a real awesome night.. beachparty and getting laid
[04:20] <@son|c^^> O_o
[04:23] * @StupS is having hangover
[04:23] * @son|c^^ slaps StupS around a bit with a large trout
[04:23] <@son|c^^> why only topless men your fbook beachparty photos -__-
[04:25] * @Ren clicks link
[04:25] <@Piyo> o_O
[04:26] <@Ren> OMGWTF? why is there some strands of pubic hairs coming out from your lips?
[04:26] <@Ren> gave head to one of the boys there?
[04:26] <@StupS> WTF?
[04:26] * @loon clicks also
[04:27] <@loon> wheree
[04:27] <@Ren> GOT! look closer! zoom!
[04:27] <@son|c^^> WAH! really GOT!
[04:27] <@StupS> WTF! fck you!
[04:27] <@loon> zzz
[04:29] <@StupS> screw you! its clean.. nothing!
[04:29] <@Ren> i made him doubtd his drunkself and double check his own photo
[04:30] <@Piyo> lol
[04:30] <@Ren> you need to check your ass now, if theres any leftover condom sticking halfway out..LAWL!
[04:30] <@son|c^^> roflmao
the drama became more obscene after that last sentence thus not posted here in wiki

Quote #2

[23:05] * @Kokonoe slaps StupS|afk around a bit with a large trout
[23:05] <@StupS|afk> wooot?
[23:05] <@Kokonoe> M stil?
[23:06] <@StupS|afk> yea
[23:06] <@StupS|afk> out later..
[23:06] <@StupS|afk> 6am
[23:08] <@Kokonoe> o_O
[23:08] <@StupS|afk> <3
[23:08] <@Kokonoe> LOL
[23:08] <@StupS|afk> i mean come out
[23:08] <@StupS|afk> lol
[23:08] <@Kokonoe> thats crazy early
[23:08] <@StupS|afk> hey
[23:08] <@StupS|afk> for some reason tight short pants really turns me on
[23:08] <@StupS|afk>
[23:10] <@Kokonoe> thats some hairy thunder thighs...
[23:10] <@Kokonoe> male gympants?
[23:10] <@StupS|afk> errrr... wrong link
[23:10] <@StupS|afk>