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Vol·ca·nic - Pronunciation: väl-'ka-nik, vo l- also -'kA-Function: adjective1 a : of, relating to, or produced by a volcano b : characterized by volcanoes <a volcanic range> c : made of materials from volcanoes 2 : explosively violent : VOLATILE <volcanic emotions> - vol·ca·ni·cal·ly /-ni-k(&-)le/ adverb

Real Name: Bill age: 35 Location: Mickey Mouse, FL. Occupation: Truck Driver formerly over the road for 10 years. Now a Truck Driver for Walt Disney World.

I have been Volcanic since 1997 when i started playing Archmage, & this name from then till now has been an honorable name.


Creator of : The Legion of the Dragons X- Member of Ministry X- Member of (The Origanal Empire) X- Member of The Legion of the White Rose


App. Server - Leader of L.o.D. restarted 06/06

Guild Server - X-member of Empire Joined 10/05

Guild Server - Member of CFTM! Joined 03/06 quit 10/06