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Short Name WaMa

Also themed as Super Best friends and Nintendo Legends


IoT(all four sets) CoT(all four sets)

No Webpage Public channel #wassai (everyone uses MiRC)

No guild leader or council

Any mage can do as he/she likes and the rest will back him/her up.

Wama is made up of mainly Wassai mages who formed four sets ago with the express reason of warring until the entire guild is completely destroyed. However the guild kicked ass all reset, slaughtering over 100 mages. Due to alliances and friends made it decided to stick around kicking ass for resets to come

Any former WaMa member can edit this and add w/e he/she likes. (Misfit)

We warred for many resets, and accomplished over 500 kills during 1 particularly bloody reset. Became known as the big guild hunters. We played for fun, and didnt much care about the politics that have since run rampant over blitz server.


Well known as the guild who just wanted to have some fun at everyones expense, WaMa is due for a comeback sometime. When that is, or what name we will use, i guess you'll never know until you find your guild in tatters :)


Was only in WaMa one set, but I was by far the best mage there.


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