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UBB account = Wiki edit account

We invite all players of The Reincarnation to be an active part of The Reincarnation Wiki. Click here to login to edit

Nevertheless there are some rules to be followed if you want to edit pages of the Wiki.

The Wiki is meant to be the extract of all the information that can be found about The Reincarnation. Over the last years, players have developed many strategies. It may be worth to share it with upcoming generations of TR addicts.

  • The Wiki is not a forum. If you have questions or want to discuss certain topics please visit the Universal Bulletin Board of the game http.//
  • The Wiki is meant to be a high quality encyclopedia of The Reincarnation. Don't post any contributions like 'This units rocks' or 'Treants stink'. Be objective, argue and present new insights. Please refer to the TR Established Standards page to see what particular article should look like.
  • You are not allowed to post any ingame information that is connected to a specific mage (e.g. don't post any battle reports with names and mage IDs).
  • No use of offensive language or sexually explicit language or any personal atttack against players, admins or developers.

Wiki Editing Practice