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Note: All unit upkeeps listed are from the most recently updated (newest reset) Ultimate Servers (Guild or Solo).
Please check Arch Server values from the in game server encyclopedia or multiply M.P. upkeeps by two

Atropals were children born of the Gods. Dark desire took their lives as Gods are a jealous lot and wish not to share their place. Stillborn or strangled, their lifeless bodies were cast down and found home in the depths of Terra. Through the foulest of necromancies they breath again. Atropals have grotesque, misshapen bodies with atrophied limbs coated with tarrish afterbirth. Atropals hunger to take whatever pieces of glory is rightfully theirs, even if they have to rip it from the flesh of their divine parents themselves. All Atropals are naturally powerful spell casters, as a result of their divine heritage.

Disable on Blitz Server.

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