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Hello to all. I am Matin, one of the founding members of SSMT on AM Beta. The beta server the first two resets were a welcome outlet to the way overestablished pecking order on the other guild servers. It was also a mecca for two kinds of players - the addicted expert, and the rabid noob. As you can imagine, this was one heck of a formula. The first MAJOR guild war was AoD vs SSMT. AoD Army of Darkness - was your classic large guild, taking most of the top 50 spots. SSMT (slightly superior mages of terra) was founded by Kazarian - and excellent green/white mage. Along with Capook, inko, myself, timurlane and several others such as Sunburn and Tremor we harrased and broke the AoD domination. We thrived in an adverse climate because not only could we hit about everyone around - no friends - we also understood that this is a zero sum game. The most effecient player wins. The next reset, AoD morphed into AW - Ancient Warriors. Basically an AoD copy, with more multi tactics. A very interesting guild called FoOD came in at this time, and I spent many enjoyable hours on the boards making storylines, as well as sevceral well rounded wars. At this time, a frenchman that was going to the Ecole Normal was in SSMT, and as Kaz had retired, had the helm. Once again, a succesfull reset for SSMT. By the third reset, SSMT had gained such a reputation that if you had an SSMT tag, you were attacked on a contant and stupid basis. CoS was out in this reset, and was filled with SSMT friends. Made it much more boring on the wasr front. Still fun, but much dirtier. Mulites were the rule of the day, and bugs were rampant. Still worth the effort. notabes during the third were Sunburn and Tremor (as always) Sexy Inko, Snowulf and ncy_czn. Chuko was in there in the last one. A few others I can't recall. Sorry.

I like how this is not a history of Beta server at all.
Nice job.

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