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General History

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The Innocence 1997-1999

  • First servers (www.archmage.com)
  • Growth of servers
  • Introduction of banners and clicking ads to get 'Luck' in the game
  • 'Game of the Month', a big hit.
  • Many players communicating using ICQ.

The Glory 1999-2001

  • Moving of game URL to www.magewar.com (still viewable in web.archive.org), portal update.
  • Growth of multimaging, admins handing magical compasses to those reporting cheating
  • Threat of lawsuits for violating copyrights. Change of mage speciality names and some unit names.
  • Introduction of a beta server
  • Growth of custom archmage interfaces
  • Growth of scripting, movement-tracking and spellbots - Archmage servers too open: security issues.
  • Many players communicate on IRC.
  • People can communticate while doing skills such as herding

The Fall 2001-2003

  • Growth of bug-exploits, e.g. negative power bug, unlimitted devils bug, find armacaster, unlimitted wishing bug etc. etc. etc.
  • Announcement of MARI focusing on ArchSpace
  • Introduction of beta units on all servers
  • Different language servers
  • Announcements of MARI trying to make some servers Pay-2-Play
  • Announcement of MARI focusing on a graphic online roleplaying game.
  • MARI going bankrupt and game going web dead.
  • MARI portal and forums going web dead.
  • Dawn of ProjectX (what became The Reincarnation) and some other Archmage inspired webgames.

Server Histories