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Bots, sometimes referred to as AI (Artificial Intelligence), are computer (algorithmic) controlled mages.

Currently bots exist on all servers, are are denoted in their profile with a small pac-man-esque ghost after their mage name.

Hypello, lead developer currently (July 2014), created and maintains the bots. Player knowledge of bots, like most things in TR, is largely deductive in nature. There are some things which the devs have shared.

  • Bots do not follow the same turn structure as human mages.
  • Their skills, enchantments, spells, units, landsize, and buildings all follow a distribution based on the mages of surrounding ranks.
  • They attack and counter attack (regular, maybe sieges. Haven't seen any pillages)
  • Bots are not affected by Hallucination, but do cast it themselves.
  • Spell use outside of combat is unknown
  • Their item acquisition and use does not follow normal game conventions
  • Bots do not currently employ Heroes
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