Cult of Cereal Killing Sinners

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reset 1
Leaders: First leader was Hoax. He created the guild (Cocks) as a way to start drama in terra once again. It was his belief that with a declineing memberbase that the game was in a steady downward spiral. But By causing enough drama and chaos people would start to play again. He started his campaign first on the ubb. Trying to get peopel talking again. But sadly real life drew him away before he could complete his conquest.
Second leader was Zarkahn. As hoax suicided and left terra Zarkahn stepped up to the plate to lead Cocks. He continued hoaxs dream of getting peopel talking by recruiting ubb spammers into the guild. They were to get people talking again.
Members include: magickware, Wolfbite, stark, sundancer, grimreaper, stinkymeat, frozt, unlucky, hamsterhuey, anarchy, winkin, Elk, Galian, Root, onimaru, poppet, sweetangel
Reset 2

Almost an entirely different member base
We warred swords most of the set until we had a cease fire.
halls :

reset 3
Started the reset with a new RoE.... No ROE! coahlition forms blah blah blah server brings down cocks.