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Real name: Robert Taylor


country: United states of America


EX Leader of Cult of cereal killing sinners (cocks)

EX Leader of cherry poppers (pop)

Ex founder and Leader of Intimidators of Terra (iot)

EX king of Knight of the Silver order

EX Leader of Exiles of Terra (Eot)

EX leader of Deadman Inc (DM)

EX leader of sanai (usuck)

Ex Warlord of Knights of Terra (kot)

former member: Knights of the Silver Order, Guild of absolute power, Magefire, Unity of Forbidden Knowingness, Experimental Guild of Misplaced Aggression, The Walking Death, The Spire, Death knights, Pesky, The Wearers Of Red , Guardians of Knowledge, New kids on the block, The Wassai, Godemode, Library of Angels,

Zarkahn has played since 1997 when maritel owned "Archmage"

current guilds: The Void