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Website:Pesky don't need no stinking forum!


A Brief History of Pesky


Pesky was formed four resets ago by Elixor. Pesky was originally formed by Dark Pentagram Elite members with the goal of killing Mistress. The name originally stood for Psychotic Swedish Killing Yokels. The next set Pesky was formed with a more serious intent, UBB spamming and domination. As time grew on, people got upset with Pesky's innate ability to piss people off and Pesky had to start considering itself a true guild.

After losing a quick war in their initial debut, they took a break from Pesky, until the time was right for it's glorious rebirth. It was after the Peskyless App server, hereby officially renamed The Hiatus, that Pesky was to be reborn, with one of it's most influential members, X-Sabre. Upon joining, X-Sabre took it upon himself to recruit a couple good friends into Pesky, to help mentor their newer players, as well as give himself more rank support. Shortly into the reset, Elixor named X-Sabre the official diplomat of Pesky, due to his large number of friends.

After having failed diplomatic relations with Russian Warriors, war began again for the peaceful yet fiesty Pesky mages. Having accepted an alliance with Corrupted Pinoys to hasten the defeat of RW, Pesky was backstabbed by an absolute lack of any effort from their ally, and was forced to break the alliance. In an even more disgusting turn of events, the Pinoys allied RW to coordinate against Pesky. Pesky had it's number then, and mass invited ND mages as a completely psychological effort. Albeit a loss for Pesky, but overall, the server became more aware of the little annoying mages. In the reset following, X-Sabre took over leadership of Pesky, hellbent on creating a new ranking force in App that would not only rank, but fight to maintain it. As such, this reset Pesky is currently at war with The Wearers of Red.

Pesky is an ever growing guild that does accept a few new members each reset, to further increase the average skill level in App as a whole. While perhaps not having the source of collective info such as AppA, Pesky has still produced some great mages through sheer determination and experience, and is always on the lookout for an up and coming talent.

Both X-Sabre and Ninarx are Sages in the Apprentice Academy and are always on the look out for new mages. Who knows, you might be the one to impress and become Pesky's next top mage!

Pesky Accepts Your Challenge

The catch phrase that will last a lifetime. Pesky accepts your challenge was the initial spam for all Pesky members. Most posts contained nothing but that, and it became a UBB phenomenom with a life of it's own.

Moderators were forced to take action, as Pesky mages were no longer the only ones responsible for using phrase, and as such, had to declare the phrase "Pesky Accepts Your Challenge" as something too powerful to be allowed further in the game. It was ruled as detrimental to fair gameplay and as such, is no longer used actively. It does occassionally appear, but no longer as the initial psychological spam warfare it was intended as.

Pesky has issued numerous challenges and accepted many challenges. As you will no doubt know, Pesky never backs down from a challenge and we are committed to successfully completing all challenges. Pesky has challenged Agrate to stop using caps and successfully managed to stop him. Pesky has also challenged the moderators to stop being douchebags and succeeded in making them cool Pesky loving folk.

Trivia, the Opium of the Masses

The pesky channel, #pesky, is also the home of trivia. You can come along and play with all the other Pesky mages and Pesky fans simply by joining the channel and typing !trivia.

Other Trivia Commands

!striviaStop trivia
!triviaStart trivia
!pauseResume - just kidding - pause!
!resumePause - just kidding - resume!
!hofTrivia hall of fame
!hintQuestion hint
!pingYour ping with the trivia bot

Other #pesky Highlights

There is so much activity in #pesky that it is a veritable ecosystem of its own. Between the games of trivia and the rampant groping and Arathorn stylishly tipping his hat, #pesky is just about the most kena place in galaxynet, if not the world.

The Sig Mastas

Pesky is also home to three of the greatest signature creators The Reincarnation has ever seen. The Pesky sig mastas are Vana, Ninarx and Crusader who have together created signatures for some of the great UBB posters, including X-Sabre (Random), Arathorn, NuTam, Belizean and many more. Below are some of the signatures created by The Sig Mastas of Pesky.

Signatures by Ninarx


Signatures by Vana


Signatures by Crus



Among the current members of Pesky there are such mages as X-Sabre, Galad, Ninarx, Groentje, Platinum Dragon, Alzorath and many more. Pesky has also had numerous secret weapons in the past.

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