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Welcome to the-reincarnation!

here is some useful guidance for new players:

Some principles you should follow:
-Be patient, TR is not an easy game to learn. It can be very frustrating in the beginning. You may die or progress very slowly. It can take several months until you get the basics and a year or more until you begin to master it. Persistance will pay off in the end.

-Meet people and make new friends. Having friends in TR is not only fun, but it can also be essential for the game itself and the process of learning. Friends you meet can teach you about the game and can cooperate with you as allies or as guildmates. You can get to know new people by joining a guild, and having new allies. You can also participate in the UBB, or talk with people on irc. You can communicate with other people through in-game arch-mails and battle arrows.

-Keep Manners ignore flames. Be polite to others, don't just tease and taunt other players - although a certain amount of both can be fun in-game. Keep your language clean. Some people will try to annoy you/curse you/flame you - ignore them. Usually they do this because they are mad you outplayed them or sometimes its just because they are immature assholes.

-Respect other players. Try to respect other players and their requests. Usually when you give respect you'll gain respect back. Don't be tempted to behave badly because others disrespect you as many will probably do so.

-Keep the good spirit. its just a game after all, try not to take it too seriously and most important, Have Fun!.

Important places where you can get help or read usefull information:

Main Page - you are already reading at one of the most usefull tools for getting information. The TR-Wiki is the place to learn about the numbers. the things that are most important to know are found on the main page. Unfortunately, the devlepors of TR decided to keep the mechanics of the game secret, and this makes the wiki a neccesary tool in order to learn and play the game. -warning- : the wikipedia is written by players which volunteer to give information. this means that there might be mistakes in numbers or facts. the only place which (hopefully) contains 100% real information is the game's encyclopedia

The UBB - this is the game's forum. It is essential to learn the different sections of the forum and to cruise there regularly. In the UBB, you can find usefull information about the game and ask questions about the game.

IRC - alot of people, including the developers and skilled players, use this program to chat. alot of people can be found on channel #reincarnation . In there, you should feel free to ask questions about anything. There are nice people that will probably answer your question, if you phrase it well and keep manners. IMPORTANT: sometimes, there are messages left by admins, updates about the games, or directing you to back-up servers when the server is down. It is strongly recommended to visit that channel daily, and especially when the server is down. for instructions about IRC you can go to: Cvn's_Guide_to_IRC_@_GalaxyNet


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Good Luck, Have Fun!