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Wiki is just another set of webpages, unless you press Edit.

How do I browse smart?

  • Mainly: see the Main Page.
  • Use the Search function on the left
  • Use the Category links at the base of some pages.

  • red links: they lead to a BLANK page. You can choose:
    • not to follow them
    • follow them and contribute something

How do I edit?

The Developer Team offers this place to collect and concentrate the information gathered by our players community (like in the Hall of Sages on our UBB. The wiki concept is such that in principle anyone can edit any information (although we have restricted editing of some key pages - this one for example!).

  • To change existing text: click edit in the top menu.
  • to add a new page: insert a link to a non-existing page in an existing one, by surrounding the new page name with double square brackets [[Like This]], then click that link and fill the new page

advanced stuff for those getting carried away editing

Click here to see what Categories currently exist

You may be interested in helping tagging Categories, help on it is provided here:

1) You label something a Categories by adding

[[Category:CATEGORY NAME]] at the bottom of a page.

  • If the category did not exist yet, it exists after you edited in that code.

2) A Category becomes a subcategory by adding

[[Category:CATEGORY NAME]] in the to-be-subcategory page.

3) A link to a category page is placed in a wiki page made like this: [[:Category:Units]] (note colon ':' at start).

  • e.g. [[ :Category:Units]] <- (with colon, refers to existing category)
  • e.g. [[Category:Units]] <- (would wrongly tag this page as describing a Unit)