Knights of the Silver Order

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Knights of the Silver order

Current King: Zarkahn

Status: Disbanded

[A Little History]

The Coronation

A little history... Dark Night had finally grown weary of Archmage and the toils of being King, he passed the responsibility on to a young man he had come to call friend. This mage was Culwch. Culwch joining KSO with zero previous Archmage experience learned the ways of Archmage and more importantly made many friends in KSO.

As he rose from squire to knight and knight to councillor it became Culwch was a mage to keep an eye on. He soon became KSO's War General and put every ounce of his being into the position. Enemies did not last long once they put on KSO's hitlist. It was a time of bliss. A short war erupted and KSO triumphed! His valour in the war had made him worthy. He took on the Mantle of High Lord, or King to be.

As Dark Night trained Culwch, KSO flourished and entered a golden age. When Culwch finally became King life was good. Another war erupted and though the young King was defeated the troops rallied and survived. Sadly interest in KSO was being lost among mages and real life (if there is such a thing) began to gnaw at Culwch he passed the crown... here is that story.


All KSO gathers in the Tavern, an assembly rarely seen with so many powerful mages in one place, it is awe inspiring.

The decorations are bright and cheery, each sphere adding its own special touch to the room.

The air is light and the mood happy as the late members come strolling in. The young King to be []dAsH[] is standing near the front of the room, his Warrior Princess arwen forever by his side.

Currman the young prince stands to one side deeply engaged in conversation with Cynical, discussing a new stacking strategy for their armies. The beautiful Princess Inny has returned from her long absense just in time for this glorious occaision, moving through the crowd with a practiced ease she stops to chat with her old friends.

Seraphim with a smile on his face and no doubt a joke on the tip of his toungue chases slightly behind the Princess ready to chase off any would be suitors. The Wandering Wisemen Northstar and Kazander stand in the back, Northstar is reading the fortune of a young squire and Kazander heads off towards the other royalty.

The Dukes Esro, Superbeast, Simkin and Saturn all huddle off to the side joking about who has the strongest mages of all KSO. The Marquis starting the celebration early are over near the bar with red noses and telling rather crude jokes.

Noticebly absent is the man known as Dark Knight. Once King of the Silver Order himself a great leader and a great friend. Many talk awaiting his return. Out of the corner of your eye you see brightly coloured robes more court jester styled than formal robes, the young Alpha hides behind the curtains eying his new King with a look of michief in his eyes.

With out warning Seraphim's underwear is dancing above his head, all turn and laugh. "ALPHA!" Seraphim roars before bursting into a fit of giggles. But the elusive Alpha is no where to be seen.

A loud chuckle is heard from the front of the room. The King Culwch has arrived, one of the few to understand and laugh at Alpha's pranks he has a large smile across his face.

"Friends, the time has come to pass the crown. With the passing of the Crown it is too time that I shall pass as well" Culwch takes the crown off his head and gently places it on []dAsH[]. A golden light enfuses []dAsH[]'s skin and his eyes glow with power. "May you lead KSO to many victories"

Having removed the crown from his head Culwch looks more relaxed than you can remember, as if a great weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

"Now friends as the leadership has been passed, now too must I pass"

Closing his eyes, an aura of magic encomapsses his body. Culwch's short hair grows into a long mass of green tinged curls. His regal robes become the well worn robes of a traveling Druid. Placing his hood over his head, you swear you can still see two gold lights where his eyes should be. A raven comes flying through the open window and lands on his shoulder. He looks at the raven and it gives a knowing look back.

"I came to you as Culwch, young and unknowing. Slowly I learned the ways of Terra, forged many strong friendships that will live on forever and eventually came to lead you all. Now you see before you not Culwch, but Lord Wilderness. Solitary verdant set to live out his days as a wandering wiseman." "I leave now to see what has become of the world outside our walls." Seeing looks of disapointment from friends and a look of panic from Alpha as his strongest supporter seems to be leaving forever. "Fear not I shall return when my wanderlust has been fulfilled and a life of solitude no longer suits me" With that he walks through the crowd shaking hands of the mages within the tavern. "Farewell KSO, I shall return"


With the shimmering crown in both his hands, a wave of sadness hits dAsH as he gazes at the fading figure of Culwch walking through the gates of KSO's kingdom.

Head bowed, dAsH shut his eyes tight holding back the tears forming in his eyes.

"Farewell my king, my friend, my buddy. I wish you well, and may KSO see the return of Lord Wilderness before long..."

Composing himself, he looks up and sees the array of fine knights and warriors clad in finest suits and armours, each and everyone of them eyeing him with keen eagerness. The large crowd gathered before is exceptionally still, and deafening silence sweeps across the always-bustling Tavern.

dAsH scans across the room, and his heart is overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility to lead the gathering to greater glory.

He notices the Wandering Wisemen Kazander and Northstar at the back of the hall standing next to each other with arms crossed, watching him. He returns a knowing look, and takes a deep, deep breath.

dAsH catches Cynical's eye, and the Duke of Holy Chapel gives a slow nod, as if of approval. Out of the corner of his eye, the newly appointed king catches a broad grin on Seraphim's face. The graceful Princess Inny, along with the Dukes of KSO gives their full attention to the young king on the throne.

dAsH steadily raised the magical crown above his head, and the diadem begins to glow... Gasps can be heard from the spellbound Squires and Knights, deeply entranced by the splendid display.

As he gradually fits the crown onto himself, shimmers of blinding white light shines from the king and fills the entire room with a powerful aura of energy.

The gathering bows and roars of "Long live the king!" are followed.

The divine Arwen, now the new queen of KSO, steps beside the king and a smile escape her lips.

The Tavern is filled with a joyous mood, and the new King smiles at the jubilant and rapturous crowd.

A new breath of life is injected into the rich veins of KSO, and as if reborn, every single one forgets all their daily burdens on and off the battlefield and begins to enjoy this wonderful devolution.

"Knights of The Silver Order! The Knights that Never surrender... Knights of Justice, Honour, and Integrity! Let us walk together onwards on the path to greater glory and greater heights."

As the King takes in the merry scene of his followings mingle and dancing and singing the night away, he hears voices suddenly speaking at his ears...

"My friend, my brother, I trust in you that you'll be able to lead them... I know you can. Farewell. Till we meet again..."

Lord Wilderness's words of wisdom.

The King remembers them by heart.


As Lord Wilderness passes Northstar and Kazandar they look at him with glowing smiles and welcome him to their rank.

"We too once lead, now we watch and help when help is needed. Relax my brother, you've done well. Come, Kazandar and I will lead you to the place where all the old and tired kings go to relax............"

Looking over his shoulder he realizes that Alpha is listening and decides to say no more. He places his hand on Lord Wilderness' shoulder and they set off. As they leave, Alpha strains to listen to the wispers of Northstar to Lord Wilderness and swears he heard something to the effect of

"And her massages...... you'll melt like butter........ time to relax"

The Story of Alpha

Chapter I - The Beginning

There once was a mage named 7. Not having any clue about how to play the game of Archmage, he went on playing not knowing what was going on. "Hey what's this?" He said to himself as he looked at the Guild of Terra link. Wondering what the heck a Guild was, he clicked the link and discovered what they were. He soon saw the Guild of Knights of the Silver Order, "Hey that name sounds spiffy, I think I'll join them." And so he did, changing his name to alpha_7.

Alpha went on in this guild posting everywhere, making a few friends along the way (Kargon and Sorrin). While chatting away, Alpha got into an argument with Shawshank. Not knowing what to do, he told King Sorrin what happened and Shawshank was put on the hitlist. Then Alpha was promoted to the first ever Eradication General. Alpha was excited and soon became curious, "What the heck is in the 'Throne Room'? And what is the 'Kings Diary'", he said to himself. But little did he know that asking questions like these would put himself under suspicion of the Royal Command.

Having WAY too much time on his hands, Alpha created a new mage by the name of Ghost_. Already having the mage Spit Fire, created after the mage alpha_7 died, Ghost_ was his multimage. Not fully realizing what he was doing was even wrong, Alpha attacked KSO Targets with both mages, claiming that Ghost_ was his brother. This did not go too smoothly with the KSO Royal Command, as they could see through his lies and told him it was against the rules to have more than one mage, only adding to their suspicion of Alpha's loyalty. But the young Alpha didn't care, he continued using both mages untill he started running out of spare time and retired the mage of Ghost_.

Then, while playing Archmage, Alpha discovered a little Verdant mage by the name of Holerith who only had one fortress left. Wanting to have another kill he attacked her but failed. So he attacked again and failed. He gave up the battle and went along his way. A short time after this, the Guild Holerith belonged to messaged KSO's Royal Command and informed them of Alpha's wrongdoing. They informed Alpha of the crime he commited and the young mage accepted full responsibility and he was thrown out. "Why was I kicked out? Did I seriously just get kicked out for multiattacking?", He thought to himself. His question would only be answered months later through a lucky turn of events.

Chapter II - The Alpha War

Months had passed and Archmage was begining a new reset. This, thought Alpha, was a perfect time to test out each color. Since he had already played white and decided he didn't like it he didn't create a white mage. He did, however, create two red's, one black, one green, and one blue. They were called Alpha, Red Dragon, Shadow_, Venom, and Magic. And so the testing went on untill one day Alpha discovered his old friend The Scourge on AOL Instant Messenger. After learning that TS was thrown out of KSO for multi guilding, he joined TS's Guild, Masters of Terra, in his war against KSO. Unknown to both TS and Alpha, KSO had many spies in MoT, in fact, out of about twenty mages, only three of them weren't KSO. Why they did this, no one knows for sure.

A short time later, KSO deleted the MoT website and began to attack Alpha's mages and TS. With the help of Angels of Death and Destruction (ADnD)'s help, KSO was able to defeat TS and Alpha's mages of Venom and Red Dragon. Then, after a long conversation with his new friend Seraphim, Alpha decided to retire the mages of Alpha, Magic, and _Shadow.

About a month later, Alpha created three mages by the names of Kon, Styx and Elemental. After spending some time in the KSO Chat, Alpha played a guessing game with Seraphim to see if he could guess Alpha's mages. Unfortunatly for Alpha, Seraphim guessed Kon, Styx, and Elemental. Deciding there was no point to a mage that had been discovered, Styx and Elemental were deleted while Alpha denied that Kon was his mage. To get the attention off of Kon, Alpha built 200 fortresses and let the mage sit there while he was off playing other games. When he got back, Kon was discovered again so he retired him.

Then creating the mage volra-kron to have as a normal playing mage, Alpha began researching and building up on items. Asking his friend Seraphim to watch over volra-kron, Alpha left archmage for a few weeks. He returned to find the password changed and a descreption set by Seraphim that was slightly amusing. Recovering his account and being too lazy to change the password, Alpha begain to land grab. KSO's Senior Councilor, Myrano, happened to be one of those targets. Seraphim, angered by Alpha's attack, deleted the account of volra-kron. The enraged Alpha was drivin off and KSO returned to normal.

End of Chapter II

The Story of Jester An original by Thadius

In a devastated land, there ruled a mage by the name of Jester. It was in these ruined lands that the great mage flourished. His powers incredibly immense, he could control the flow of the energy which corsed through this land of destruction. It was he, and he alone, who had mastered this realm named Terra.

As powerful as he was, one dark and dreary evening he happened to spot an otherwise easy target. He pillaged the helpless enemy.

"What a clever mage am I," he said to himself.

Again he did try, with much of the same results. He swam in the spoils; great piles of gold that reached easily to the ceiling of his great castle, amidst his ever-growing kingdom.

"What I clever mage am I," he said to himself under his breath.

Much amused, he retired to his chambers for a night of much deserved slumber. Quite peacefully, at long last, he drifted off into the spheres of his dreams while mulling over the day's productivity.

When he awoke, it was dark and the thick air smelled of smoke. As he gazed over his kingdom, he saw it lay in ruins. The lands he had conquered the night before were now taken back, and much of his army destroyed. His once exquisite buildings now lay in ruins amidst the corpses of his valiant followers. Plumes of smoke arose from these ashes, blocking the sun and clouding the horizon.

In his chamber door was a crimson arrow burried deep, a scroll attached about it. It read: "We are the Knights of the Silver Order - We see you. We know who you are. We shall persue you til in your grave ye rest."

Day after day, the arrows came, often by the dozen. Meteor showers, locust swarms, famine, disease, and many other unspeakable events spead across his kingdom like wildfire. His lands, once a sign of power, wealth, and strength bore the weight of the Silver Order and crumbled to pieces.

Near the end, Jester's kingdom was in a constant state of war. The smoke had continued to cloud the sky until he could no longer tell day from night. His army was slaughtered and his lands were burned to ashes.

Sayeth the three prophets, speaking at Jester's grave: "May this wretched mage be cast to be in the servitude of his victims for the remainer of eternity. For ye who crosses the Knights of the Silver Order, shall never cross another again."

So it was said, so it was done. His destiny was the prophesized one, carried along through the eons. Jester, in eternal debt to those who he killed, shall spend an eternity fighting for the Silver Order. For he was the one, the destined one, crucified on the silver cross.

The Return of _DaSh_ Date: 27th December 2002 Weather: Chilly Time: 4.20 am.

It is ironic how this trusty sword I lay down beside me brings back not just the endless blood-shed I've been embroiled in in the past years, but also so much smiles and laughter...

As I pen this entry, thoughts flood my mind. Waves of nostalgic feelings sweep over me. For some weird reason, hot tears swell in my eyes. It is a sensation not experienced since the days I lost my knights in battles. The roars of wars... the dusty gallops of thousands of steeds... the days when I, together with many of my fellow fearless Dukes and Generals led valiant knights in massive wars. Not just any ordinary knights. So many a time we head straight into battles against stronger warlords and their armies despite the fact we were seemingly hopelessly outnumbered and outstrengthed. But simply because we fly the flags of the Silver Order, we feared noone. We clinched loads of victories against all odds. And when we did lose, we battled till we could battle no more, and then some.

The bold exhilirating feeling of battling alongside my fellow Knights of the Silver Order... The heartwrenching agony of seeing friends fall at the merciless blades of enemies... The tons of epic battles we've fought bravely... Those are the days of my life I would never find myself able to forget. Having left the Order for a good year or so, returning to this fortress had always been a prospect I've been lookin forward to ever since that day I rode through the gates of KSO. And now that I'm back... I don't know.. It's just a little too overpowering... the memories and kinship I had, they just refuse to stay away from my head.

As I walked around the training grounds to curious looks from the knights, observing them doing their daily practise for battles to come, I felt as if it was just yesterday when I was a Squire myself.

And as I re-entered the Tavern, the place where together with my buddies talked and joked into the nights... I see the same joyous atmosphere amongst the "new ones". And immediatly it dawned upon me how many years have passed me by since I was just a knight.

I'm glad to see familiar faces still around. MY good ol' buddy Seraphim's still leading the charges, and I see noone more suitable at the task of helping the recruits settling in. Koppee.... Norse... Saturn... they'll still remember me. I hope at least! And of course, Curr is still in charge... Can still remember the day of his coronation... hmmm... And there are the others who're still not back... Lord Wilderness.. Northstar.. Cynical... I really should bring Arwen back along with me the next time round. She'll definitely be sad at seeing so many of our old comrades having left... but it's also pleasing to see how KSO is still going strong with new blood.

[stifling a yawn] Ah.. Guess I'll be needing some rest for now. Hopefully I'd be able to catch up with Seraph and everyone tmr. Hope they'll all be glad to see me visiting. Maybe I'd be introduced to all the new faces... Maybe I could even trade some pointers over at the training grounds..

[glances at sword on table]

Knights of the Silver Order... It's in me. And I think it always will remain that way.

All I hope for is that the future holds bright for KSO. That the same pride will be instilled and the same spirit be ignited amongst the new leaders.

For that is wad made KSO wad we were and wad we are now.

The spirit.

I know it. I have it. And I know who else does as well.

That's all for now. Till later. _DaSh_ (or _eXiT_ for those who knows me)

A New King September 2003

The Isulk'm Prince enters the throne room. Flanked by the other Princes of KSO, Arganas walks slowly toward the large chair at the front of the room. He turns to Seraphim.

"You know what this means, don't you?", Arganas asks his former leader.

"I get to have a war whenever I want...and I don't have to tell you?", Seraphim responds with a sly smile.

"I would prefer not, but it will happen anyway," Arganas replies with a sigh.

Arganas can only shake his head as he walks to Currman. The King looks at his successor with a twinkle in his eye. "Make sure you don't scuff up the crown... I might want it back some day," Currman says with a chuckle.

"Don't worry Curr, I'll be careful with her..." Arganas responds.

Currman drawing his sword, taps Arganas on the shoulder with the blade. After Arganas arises, Currman removes his crown from his head and places it on Arganas' head. He lays the sword across Arganas' outstreached hands and takes a step back.

Looking at the new leader of his guild, Dul Houtel can't help but laugh. How can a kid who was only a Knight just a half a year ago be the King? The former King of the Knights of the Silver Order shakes his head and looks toward his wife, Towanda. Putting her hand on her husband's shoulder,

Towanda says, "Don't worry, he'll be fine."

"I know," he answers with a smile. "I know he will. They always are."

Upon ascending the throne, Arganas makes his first declaration. Looking upon the realm left to him by the Kings before him, Arganas sheaths the sword of the King. Letting out a sigh, he looks at the new Princes and Princess of the Silver Order. Their, armor glimmering in the light, the three members of the Royal Council look at each other and smile. Seraphim looks at the other two Princes and says with a laugh, "So, who's ready for war

A Saviors Return

As he slipped through the halls undetected, Sorrin wondered what has become of the Kingdom he revived from almost certain extinction. The walls were clean of dust and dirt yet the blood of many wars still stained them. The smell of fragrant oils and cook fires hung in the air like the swamp gas from Innothule. Ahead he heard wizards incantations and footmens swords clanging. There must be War brewing else all would be calm on this floor. It has been many years since Sorrin left for Norath in search of the truth about his past Yet it seemed like only yesterday he was Heir to this great land. His obseesion since the day he was old enough to understand the importance of heritage. In the past years he learned he was decendant of a Ranger whos abilities were unnatural for Half elves . An Enigma is what some called it...Others called it a curse. To be able to call Dragons at a simple thought was not what you expect from Half elves. Over the last six months he has been tracking down a certain lead that would almost certainly put an end to his relentless searching. An immortal by the name Ardiente holds the key yet finding him is a rangers biggest challenge. he came close once but the ferocious Orcs ambushed him while travelling through the broken lands of Zek. Just before dispatching the last of the beast he could see a shimmer speeding away , It was him. A swift run up the hillside and there was nothing in site, But it was heading in the Direction of the Silver Realm. So here he is. As he stood at the doorway of the kings chambers he began to grin with the thought of how surprised His King would be to see him. He silently opened the door and peered at the aging King Dul Houtel as he was watching out the window. "Greetings oh great one, Your Savior has returned"

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