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Beta Testing

Hero Statistics
Profession Assassin (Hero)
Magic Speciality Eradication
Race Reptile
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Female
Attack Power 8000 + 4000*level
Attack Type Melee Poison
Counter Attack 2500 + 1250*level
Hit Points 800 + 800*level
Upkeep Cost -10000 + 5000*level gold
Abilities Stealth (9) Slay (14) Assassinate (16)
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Pillage: Stealth (Obtained at level 9)

  • Increases the chance of winning pillage attacks by 3% + 2% per skill level

Battle: Slay (Obtained at level 14)

  • Lowers the stack kill percentage required to kill a hero by 20% + 5% per skill level
  • The stack normally would have to get wiped for the hero commanding it to die
  • Only applies to the stack attacked by the assassin's stack

Active (2 turns): Assassinate (Obtained at level 16)

  • The assassin is sent to kill an enemy hero
  • The hero is randomly chosen including non-battle ones
  • The assassin is unavailable for the duration of the mission
  • The assassin may or may not reveal its owner
  • The assassin might die
  • Chance to Assassinate:
    • Base Chance: 10%
    • 3% per skill level
    • Target's Percentage of Forts: 2.5% per 0.1% of forts above(bonus) or below(penalty) 1% (Capped bonus/penalty at +-25%)
    • Multiplier: Owner NP / Target NP (Capped at 0.25 and 2)
    • Final Chance: Total Chance * Multiplier (Capped at 1% and 99%)
    • Exception: If target has no units, chance is always 100%

Preferred Units

  • Will always prioritize commanding reptile units[1] stacks