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This altar gives off a rank, bloody smell and is drenched with deep red blood. You can even see chunks of meat, guts, hearts, and livers all lying on the altar. A deep voice in your heart tells you to sacrifice an innocent to the Altar of Blood... as you do, you feel the energy of the altar beginning to flow into your body.

Item Details
Name The Altar of Blood
Attribute Unique Permanent
Charge turn 0



  • Increases your mana income by 2,500 on Non-Oversummoning Servers or 5,000 on Oversummoning Servers.
  • Takes 5,000 population per turn, not shown in Status Report.
    • The Altar does not disappear if you run out of population.
    • The income and the upkeep are not related. If you have 0 population, you still get the mana each turn.


  • Icon VERDANT.gif and Icon ASCENDANT.gif mages love Altar of Blood.
  • Icon PHANTASM.gif mages will need to avoid ripper- and undead- heavy stacking.
  • Icon NETHER.gif mages should consider selling altar. Otherwise they'll have to stack heavy amounts of red and blue units, which is inefficient.
  • Icon ERADICATION.gif Dragons.
  • Beware of getting into a pop spiral with this item.
    • If you start to pop-spiral, suicide your pop-eaters, then use use Wine of the Three Whips to recover. Pillaging and Book of Prophecy can help a little also.
    • If you still cannot avoid pop spiral, sell Altar or see the next section.

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