Lucky Charm

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This small charm, shaped like a beetle, has a piece of aquamarine set in it. After you begin to wear the charm on your body, it seems as if Lady Luck is always smiling down on you.

Item Details
Name Lucky Charm
Attribute Unique Permanent
Charge turn 0


  • Grants the owner permanent Luck
    • Accuracy +3%
    • Summoning +5%
    • Concentration +5%
    • Item generation +2%
    • Increased land exploration by 10%
    • Dispel cost reduction of 10%
    • Improved odds with the Unique Item Deck of Many Things
  • In addition to the benefits listed above, it also grants +10 Resistance to all five colors
  • The Charm also prevents any disfavour effects from angry Gods
  • This is no longer true. You can still be disfavored and suffer the negative effects as usual. -kobewan

Lucky Charm - luck expires never.png