Ministry of Nightmares

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Name:Ministry of Nightmares
Founded:August 2007

MoN was founded in August of 2007 by members of the disbanded guild ArchEnemy who still wished to play together including Diabolus, ThanatosRX, Swell, and Venom.

Introductory post by Sauce[1]:

"We are your nightmares. We are what makes you look behind you as you walk down a dark alley. We are your fears materialized. We are that thought deep inside your mind which you thought would never happen. We will crush your dreams, your hopes, your desires, until there is nothing, but a quivering shell left behind.

Fear us, respect us, or we will hunt you down.

We are THE Ministry of Nightmares."

MoN is a small active war guild. MoN avoids alliances and NAPs whenever possible. MoN wars random targets for fun. MoN has absolutely no interest in ranking or in helping anyone else rank. Any accusations otherwise are false.

Brief History of MoN:

MoN has been on Beta server every set since its founding, although it has occasionally gone by other names.

MoN was lead from its first set until May of 2009 jointly by Diabolus and ThanatosRX.

At some point MoN and Phoenix Rising merged. Silvera became co-leader.

At some point Diabolus retired and then came back at some other point.

ThanatosRX left the MoN/PR merge due to internal disputes with leadership, a few MoN mages followed him to CoT.

MoN reformed on Beta with ThanatosRX leading.

ThanatosRX left MoN in May of 2009 due to internal disputes, leaving Diabolus to lead.

It is rumored that ThanatosRX led a war against MoN after he left.

MoN almost disbands when active membership drops to an all time low of 4 members in July of 2009.

Known previous/current members of MoN in no particular order (Feel free to add yourself, I have a bad memory): Diabolus, ThanatosRX, Venom, Swell, Ryua, Nanderson, Sabs, Jiji, Silvera, Bladee, Sauce, DarkAngel, eeps, Rupee, JiG, Riaz, DrEvil, Soup, zarkahn

Current RoE:

1 s/r/p = 1 s/r/p

Devils are ok.

Hallu hits don't count.

Spells/items are an act of war.

Over targeting is hitting more than 3 MoN members in 24hrs, or as seen fit by leadership.

Being an asshat in any way shape or form is death-listable.

The Ministry of Nightmares is always looking for new active mages. Prospective members must be IRC active and willing to follow orders without hesitation. All members must show unwavering, selfless, fearless loyalty to the guild. In return, the guild will show the same to you. If you are interested in joining contact guild leadership via IRC on #fear, or on the guild forum:

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