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Rules of Engagement or ROE

Rules of Engagement are a set of rules than individuals or guilds set for themselves other mages that may attack them. RoEs are not a game mechanic but are rather enforced by the guilds who create them. It is always wise to be aware of a guild's RoE before attacking one of their members. RoEs are usually listed or linked to in a mage's description.

Common RoE Terms

X Randoms = Y Counters: This means for every X times you attack a mage randomly, you should expect to be countered Y times by the defending mage.

Proxy Counters: A Shared or Proxy counter means that other guildmates may take the counters for the defending mage.

Multi-attacking: Multi-attacking is generally considered to be attacking the same mage more than one in a 24 hour period.

Spells or Items: RoEs often include the repercussions you should expect if you use a hostile item or cast a hostile spell.

Devils: Devils are a unit the is summoned by the Nether spell Contract of the Soul. Often guilds will state if they "Respect" devils. This means that the use of Devils is accepted by the guild. if they do not respect devils then expect to be punished if devils are used against one of their mages.

Hallucination: Hallucination is a Phantasm spell that causes some attacks to not go through. If a guild "Respects" Hallucination that means that when they attack you and the attack is blocked by hallucination it counts as one attack. If a guild does not respect Hallucination then they will repeatedly attack until an attack goes through Hallucination. Some guilds count a hallucination-blocked attack as one-half of a normal attack. Some guilds respect hallucination on randoms but not on counters.

Some guilds respect hallucination

Online: To online someone is to attack them while a mage is active in making a run. Often this is defined by a certain amount of time from the defending mages last chron activity.

Online Counters: This is the same as online except different rules sometimes apply if the attack is a counter.