Rainbow Alliance of Terra

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Name:Rainbow Alliance of Terra
Server:Server Guild
Founder:User:Sourine and Mentor
Leader:Sourine, Mentor. After retirement: Whitless


  • RAoT was founded the second reset of Server 1 by User:Sourine and Mentor. This two real life friends wanted to create their own guild with the understanding of accepting everyone who wants to join. During a nice talk in a bar and some beers they came up with the name "Rainbow Alliance of Terra". One day later RAoT was born.....
  • After some resets RAoT became a mid level guild with about 80-110 members.
  • RAoT was around for 5 resets, before they decided to merge with 2 other guilds called The Academy, and Shadows of the Night to form the new guild Retribution.


  • In the start of RAoT the guild was lead by User:Sourine and Mentor. Later Sourine lead the guild aone.
  • After User:Sourine's retirement form archmage, Whitless stepped in to take leadership of Retribution

Notible Alliances

Notible Wars

  • The Tarakains - Lost
  • The Tribe - Lost

Notible Members

  • User:Sourine
  • Mentor
  • Saruman
  • Whitless
  • Kinslayer
  • Pawn
  • Uriburi
  • GTwist

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