The Musketeers

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Name:The Musketeers
Leader:Ludofelix aka GC

A Brief History of the Musketeers

This guild has been around for more than 8 years now, with members from all over the world.

It was originally formed by 4 members:

  • Our fearless Leader, Stardust
  • The Diplomat, GameCat (a.k.a GC or LudoFelix)
  • Previous Warlord, AnzKpKorea
  • Previous Recruitment Officer, Lobtus

Since then there has been some changes and additions to our guild, but for the most part we have stuck together.

War Threads (Good and Bad)

  • Some are Probably Missing
  • Dates to be added when I get bored and reminisce again. Sammael 13:33, 11 October 2007 (CEST)

DATE, Reset

TM vs GoTR[1]
LIPS (aka RA) vs TM[2]

DATE, Reset

TM declare war on LotBG[3]
A man walked into a bar... (TOG vs TM)[4]

DATE, Reset

lonely hearts (TM vs Boliao Gang)[5]
Richelieu Private Letters Archive, part I (DMW vs TM)[6]

DATE, Reset

Richelieu Private Letters Archive, part II (DMW vs TM)[7](with RW, SPC & TWoR on the side)

DATE, Reset

Quality Control ( this title will change in sixty seconds)(TM vs Mighty!)[8]
Muskrats covered in crimson blood (TM, Sith vs TWoR)[9]

DATE, Reset

War declaration to the Musketeers (Hedin vs TM)[10]
Anarchy at the rest home (TM vs LOL)[11]
TM Disbanding (ROM vs TM)[12]
Les mousquets vers le combat... Se pre'parer... Le feu!(RW & TM war negotiations)[13](A war that never happened)

DATE, Reset

Lost in Terra (TM vs Slayers)[14]
TPC declares. (TPC vs TM)[15]

DATE, Reset

Trade Description Act violation (TM vs TPC)[16]
Out with the old in with the new (TM vs AMO)[17]

DATE,2007 Reset

Reign In Blood (Slayers vs TM)[18]
Smell the smoke from our exhaust pipes..(TFAF vs TM)[19]
Refused Entry (TM vs Bouncers, TM vs Eternals)[20]

Aug 9,2007 Reset

Terra, 16:25 (just before tea) (TM vs Slayers)[21]
The Bouncers are seeking for fun not revenge...(Bouncers vs TM)[22]

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