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Age: 22
Some Stuff:

  • Location: Philippines
  • Started playing AM back in 1998 thanks to his older brother.
  • Somewhat kinda like a moderator here in the TR-Wiki.
  • Main server is Apprentice but will sometimes play on other servers
  • Favorite Hero: Bards
  • Never whores and sucks at market watching
  • I like to play white but have to sacrifice for a more war-oriented color
  • I keep trying to learn how to rank -_-
  • I believe every mage is still a newbie, self-proclaimed veterans are just in denial :p
  • Color Preference from 1st to last: Icon ASCENDANT.gif, Icon PHANTASM.gif, Icon NETHER.gif, Icon ERADICATION.gif, Icon VERDANT.gif
  • You eventually learn something when you keep on dying in a war


App Guilds in AM:

  • Crimson Fury
  • The Federation
  • The Musketeers
  • (there were a few more that I can't remember)

App Guilds in TR:

Blitz Guild:

  • Angel Sanctuary
  • World of Ordinary Dorks

Guild Server:

people's opinions: Was unable to come up with an innovative name for himself so he did like most n00bs and raided from popular science fiction/fantasy, in this case from the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series. IP:

reply: yes, being at least 13 to 14 years of age during my second reset of AM I guess I didn't think it important to spend time thinking of a unique name nor did I think I would stay hooked on this game for so long. Tis cute that someone would waste his time on me. :p