Thor Hammer

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The hammer stands 12 feet long and is extremely heavy, with runes craved on the handle. It is made from some kind of meteoric metal. Only those with great strength and giant size can wield the hammer efficiently. It can cause small earthquake whenever it hits the ground, stunning all non-flying units in the battlefield. However, it drains the magical energy of the wielder to do so.

Item Details
Name Thor Hammer
Attribute Unique Permanent
Charge turn 0


  • Reduces the HP and the Primary, Extra, and Counter AP of all non-flying enemy units by -10%
    • On the Arch Server, the reduction of enemy HP and AP is -25% with no effect on Extra AP
  • There is a hidden upkeep of 5% of the owner's mana income
    • On oversummoning servers (like Arch), the mana upkeep is 10%