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is best described as a brilliant tactician with a slight Napoleon complex. Can at times be seen occupying various cellars in the greater Stockholm area studying maps with imprinted hexagonal overlays; is rumoured to have a real name starting with the letter T (see image) and being the 21-th best Archmageplayer[1] of all time as well as being the 10-th best The-Reincarnation player of all time[2]

Known aliases: Saruman[3], Soult, Sulla[4], Oberon, Toto, Duke Teo, Cato, Nemo[5] RedEye, Tenta, Miramis[6], AgaKhan and Nemesis [7] Mellow[8] among others; Modus Operandi includes changing names frequently to avoid enemies.

Known Accomplices: The Tarakian Guild; Ringlords (and The Merger), NOW, God Mode, Conspiracy, SWE/SVEA, Sol Invicti, PorsCrazyMonster

Known positions of power:

Minister without portfolio (Consigliere), Tactician, Headmaster of Mordain University, Minister of Vengeance - The Tarakian Guild

Designated Tactician - Ringlords

Designated Tactician - NOW

Coordinator - God Mode

Publicist - MI6

Guild leader (retired) - Sol Invicti


Secret Weapon - PorsCrazyMonster


Age: To high

Flirt potential: Increases with the square of the distance, and can thus be quite high if you live in the greater North American area; or even farther than that from the capital of Sweden.