Mordain University

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Teaching guild and a sub-guild of The Tarakian Guild; a mage training centre were you got instruction from more experienced players and a way join The Tarakian Guild (if you Graduated). Due to the educational aim you were allowed to be a member of another guild (although the other guild might object) while being a member of MU.

Named after Mordain, the first Honorary Tarakian.

Members did not receive any protection from the Tarakian guild, indeed they would even be hit by Tarakian members (but not those teaching MU), but they would receive constant help with their stacking. In order to accomplish this MU students were obliged to post their battle reports on a forum where they would be commented upon by those teaching. Furthermore there was an extensive library of guides on every aspect of the game and many discussions about topics that needed elaboration.

A nice side effect was that those that eventually graduated would be truly committed to the guild. It would take a while (1/2 resets) to graduate and the less active or people would have disappeared before graduation.

Headmasters: user:Belsambar, Rymlen, Saruman (user:C3I2)

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