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Input from the masses

Tall Finn, Engineering student who plays too many online games like Archmage, T5P and The Reincarnation.

Tarakian History: A member of The Tarakian Guild since server 3 days and Tarakian Hero of Valor[1]. Headmaster of Mordain University.

Rumor also states that Belsambar is having two of MaDD's babies <3~

A few words from yours truly

Since I'm a lazy person and don't like to answer the same questions over and over again, I decided to list statistics that have been most asked after by people that I've come across. Mayhaps there will be some other visitors to this page too and then I'll have indulged them by relieving their boredom for a short time.

Biggest mages pre-arma by color in TR

ColorAcreageReset it happened in
Blue8kOuT & Shiny fighting from below vs. GoAP & 1337 on Blitz.
Black6.5kTesting the new DK, Kiss of Vampire, DE & Solo environment on Beta.
Non-Beta Black6kHalf-assed ranking in the last NOW set before GodMode took us down on Guild.
Red8.7kRanking up in SOAP on Merger.
Green13kRanking up in 90210 on Blitz.
White11kTested casting arma in the first Conspiracy on Beta.
Non-Beta White9kRanking up in NOW when Topia cast arma mid-set on Guild.

DISCLAIMER: This is not here for gloating about achievements, just merely meant to show people that if I can do it, they surely should be able to do it too.

AM Guilds

Ager 1:

Server 1:

Server 3:

Blitz 2:

TR Guilds