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Project Founder and Coordinator of The Reincarnation

The crazy mind behind The Reincarnation. GTO received his PhD in 2004 becoming the famous DrGTO. Located in Germany he is now working as an Information Scientist.

The idea for the Reincarnation was born in the year 2002 at a BBQ with a bunch of AM players. For the historians I want to mention members of The Circle and Kindred. At this BBQ GTO was declared nuts for suggesting a rebuild of the Archmage game idea. Later on projectX was born to gather old players.

GTO started playing the prequel of The Reincarnation around the year 1999. He was Founder of the guild The Power of Five (a dark age, I have to admit) and became member and Crimson Knight of The Crimson Guard (TCG) on Apprentice later. GTO was and his an Apprentice player (Nether and sometimes Green). He tried the other server from time to time.