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Feanor is a UBB entity of exceedingly minor ability who stumbled upon The Reincarnation in September of 2004.

He primarily is on Guild Server, or no server, though there have been several exceptions. And also, with two exceptions, he never goes by the Feanor on Guild Server, leaving that name to Pad of Heck.


Having become bored with college life, Feanor sought wise Mr. Google's advice on another pasttime. Thus a hobby was born.

When he first joined TR, he essentially ignored all suggestions, and thought that having roughly 50 Djinni was pretty awesome. And he joined his first guild, Corrigan's Ravens.

During this time, he realized that the UBB provided an excellent source of entertainment, and found spamming to be an interesting activity. Joining forces with such mighty spammers as Necrology and MustardMan, he proceeded to sweep the Off Topic section with large quantities of useless material. The finest hour of this activity came when he managed to gain the last reply on roughly 50 of the last off topic threads written in.

Then a guild of a forgotten name formed, and this began to move into the past...

Some guy decided that it would be an awesome idea to form a warring guild on Apprentice Server, which Feanor wholeheartedly agreed with. This ended up being rather pointless, and the guild vanished/died off over several days or weeks.

However, this did leave Feanor with a mage on Apprentice Server and nothing to do with it.

In a bout of insanity, he decided that he would spam the Canine Elite Division's boards until they killed him. Shortly after dying, he deleted every post he had put on the CED boards, and vanished.

Meanwhile, Feanor saw the beginnings of a new guild on Guild Server, the Rabbits of Caerbannog. They were writers of excellent arrows, and followed a variant of the Pacifists? Rules of Engagement. He left the increasingly inactive Corrigan's Ravens, and joined the Rabbits. That was also the last set for the existance of Corrigan's Ravens as a guild.

Following this change came enlightening sets with such legends as Jechum, DoctorEvil, Zool, and Peredhil. Also, he came to meet a group of TR players which he decided to stay with. Several resets were spent with the Rabbits on Guild Server.

During this time, Feanor chose to go to Blitz Guild for a short time, and was a member of the Church of Trenty, though during December of 2004 he left both the Rabbits of Caerbannog and the Church of Trenty due to a general lack of time.

Reappearing a few months later, he decided that he should greatly limit his UBB activity, and generally has avoided spamming ever since. Or posting, for that matter.

He joined the Rabbits once more, and was with them for some time more, but the realities of life took their toll on the Rabbit's numbers, and they have taken an extended summer break ever since April or May of 2005.

Following the announcement of this break, Feanor decided he would temporarily join another guild for some time, and chose the guild of Middle Earth.

Middle Earth was an honorable guild led by Akhorahil, and Feanor enjoyed several good sets as a member, until it was decided that the Guild would also take a break, and they played what may have been their last set in Febuary of 2006.

Though Feanor had been one of those who had become somewhat bored with The Reincarnation, he answered a friend's call for members, and joined Calculus for the Masses! in April of 2006. Since then, he has become a guildmate of two fellow Rabbits, and has found another guild home.