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gtk started re-playing TR in 2006. With short term memory, he has forgetten about his previous guilds during the days in AM. gtk aka Gatekeeper was originally from Da UnderDawgs in S1. Being a new come back noob, he was bullied by DPE when they declared war with Da Underdawgs. gtk, being a white whore mage back then stood and withstand all bbq and spell/seige effort. 1 week has past and gtk decided to give up and joined DPE. He died soon after and started learning the ways of the dark art...

gtk started learning how to snipe and was soon involved in lots of war guild. Being fast and deadly, many people wanted a piece of gtk. His history of war as follow during this 8 months of TR.


Warred with DPE - Lost

  • Da Pentengram Elite
  • Warred with Calculus for the masses
    Contributed heavily in spelling power.
    Cftm was a strong guild. i'll say they won...

    Warred with Team Chuck Norris
    Successfully killed User:Ninarx
    Successfully killed many others
    Team Chuck Norris surrendered. Ninrax apologised calling gtk a noob.

    Warred with Mages Of Zenla
    Successfully killed 8 members
    Mages of Zenla Surrendered.

    Warred with Realms of Chaos
    Successfully killed 7 members
    The war between Wbyw and RoC didnt finish..


    Achieved the rank of Guild Assassin.
    War with-
    Once Upon A Time
    So on and So for...
    Highest Kill count recorded for 1 set = >40
    Death - 1

    War with-
    Too many...
    Single solo war - Freedom Fighter

    Kill count = >30

    War with-
    Too many

    Single solo war - Philippines|BloodHoundz|Team
    Kill count = >12