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Ninarx started playing Archmage in 1998 with The Last Alliance. In AM he mainly played Apprentice and only as a nether mage. Ninarx played for three resets before going inactive. He has also played with Rifters of Matter and Partisan Elite. Venturing onto Guild Server he usually played alone but has also been in The Imperium.

In 2004, Ninarx rediscovered Archmage had been reincarnated in The Reincarnation and began playing again. He rejoined Rifters of Matter for his first set, however this time he broadened his horizons and played on all servers as well as joined the UBB. In server he played along side The Pen is Mighty! with such mages as Arathorn, Doosh Baggins and Pad of Heck.

After taking a break for five months for personal reasons Ninarx once again returned to The Reincarnation. This time he started playing on Blitz with More Pressure, Apprentice with Pesky and in Server with Nighthawks. As well as joining the Beta server and playing with Profoundly Orthodox Odd Folk.

Ninarx wanted to help out with The Reincarnation and offered his services. Ninarx is now a global moderator on the UBB and widely regarded as the best mod to have ever graced this game. As well as this he is the English Translator for The Reincarnation and a damn sexy sonofabish.




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