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AM/TR player of Swedish and Finnish descent, born late 1970s. Started playing in May 2000 and from there played almost all the remaining Archmage era (until December 2002) and most of the Reincarnation era, starting 2004. Traditionally an app/arch player and war mage, but with advancing years in TR also took an interest in the ranking side of the game, and has played in guilds on all servers. Today based around arch and archwar, with occasional appearances elsewhere. Lead guilds on app/arch (Sociopolitical Control) and archwar (Dread Fuzzy Bunnies, Cookies/SLUTs/NP/Gimme/etc crew) and has also been committed to the Apprentice Academy for a long time, particularly after helping revive it in the fall of 2008 after a year of downtime.

Member of the TR IRC Team since July 2009, blitz forum moderator since October 2010, and global moderator since December 2010. In March 2012 resigned from his moderator roles to take up the position of Head Admin, replacing the former Game Admin Coordinator, as well as the newly minted job of Head Designer. Also nubs around with game development, only occasionally breaking stuff.

Since 2007 pursuing a PhD degree in astrophysics. Since circa 2009 frequently attempting to dodge taking up extra work/discussions/positions/servers by referring to the standard phrase "need to finish my thesis" whenever appropriate or otherwise. Usually ends up doing everything suggested to him anyway. Currently employed as a systems consultant.

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