Capsule Monster (Item)

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It looks like an ovoid shape egg but it is made up of some kind of tree sap like material. There is a number inscribed on one side and the word "capsule" on the other side. When the capsule is thrown or dropped, a horde of monsters will emerge from within. They will obey your order but after some times, they will dispatch into nothingness. It is rumoured that these capsules are made by the alchemists of the Old World. Nowadays, no one knows how to make these capsules because the capsule itself does not radiate any magic at all. But these capsules can still be found among the ruins of those lost civilizations. Area of effect: create units ( battle only )

Item Details
Name Capsule Monster (Item)
Attribute Lesser Oneuse Battle
Charge turn 0


  • Summons 1,000 Capsule Monsters during battle that only last for that specific battle. Once the battle is over, all surviving Capsule Monsters vanish
  • The summoned units do not count towards any calculation of conquering land