Damage Resistance

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The more resistances a unit has, the less damage it takes from attacks in battle.

The resistance to an attack is the average of the sum of attack type resistances.

Formula = [Attack Type1+....+Attack TypeN] / N where N=number of attack types]

  • A Djinni have 40% magic res and 95% ranged res. It will have 67.5% resistance to magic ranged attacks.
  • A Red Dragon have 100% fire res and 60% breath res. It will have 80% fire breath resistance.

Items affecting attack types:

Spells affecting attack types:

The maximum number of attack types is 4 :


  • The maximum number of attacks used to be 5 when The Holy Light affected all units, and not Ascendant Units only.
  • When resistance goes below zero, the unit take more damage from the attack.