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The long blade shines with a mystical light when it is drawn out of its scabbard. You notice that there are many runes inscribed on the blade. You feel the power of the sword flowing into your body, and you know immediately that this must be the sword of legends, 'Excalibur'. This sword was the sole possession of the legendary King Arthur of Britain, the leader of the Knights of the Round Table. After he threw the sword back into the lake, returning it to the Lady of the Lake upon his death, no one else had never seen the sword again. You are surprised and elated to find it. The blade improves morale of your entire army, making it fight better.

Item Details
Name Excalibur
Attribute Unique Permanent
Charge turn 0


  • Increases all friendly units' Primary, Extra and Counter AP by 15%
    • On the Arch Server, this increase in AP is 25% with no effect to Extra AP
  • There is no upkeep

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