Orb of Protection

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It looks like a small crystal orb. Shimmering light can be seen within. This is one of the Orbs used by the Great Council to communicate with each other. It must have been lost long time ago! You realize that using it, you can try to influence Council's directives to suit your needs.

Item Details
Name Orb of Protection
Attribute Unique Oneuse Selfonly
Charge turn 0


  • Instantly grants the 'P' status (Council Protection) to the user
    • No attacks (including counters) possible against you for a period of 48 hours
      • The 48-hour period of Council Protection will only last if a turn is not used
      • As soon as a turn is used, the 'P' status will end
        • For this reason, it's usually advisable to use up all turns, use the Orb, then allow turns to reach maximum again before doing anything to take advantage of the period of solitude
    • All active enchantments will be dispelled
    • Main page will show the message 'You are under protection of the Council'
    • The ranklist will display 'P' status, which is otherwise only seen for mages that drop below 1,500 acres with no army
  • The Orb will grant the 'P' status during Armageddon, but since all mages can be attacked during Armageddon, the 'P' status essentially means nothing

Example of Use

You begin using the item Orb of Protection.
The Council heard your call.
You finished using the item Orb of Protection on yourself.
The item Orb of Protection is destroyed after use.