Staff of Illusion

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This foot long, ivory staff is topped by a large crystal ball. It can be used to create audio and visual illusions. Half of those who are zapped by the staff realize that it is merely an illusion and are not affected. However, the other half suffer magic damages, which are as real and devastating as physical damages. After releasing its magical powers, the crystal ball will shatter, losing its effectiveness and thus becoming obsolete. Area of Effect: all enemy units

Item Details
Name Staff of Illusion
Attribute Lesser Oneuse Battle
Charge turn 0


  • Deals a variable amount of Magic damage to all enemy stacks
    • The damage formula is as follows: 100,000 + ([random number between 1-3] * [number of units in stack])
      • For example, if the 'random number' rolls a 2, and there are 15,000 units in one of the stacks, that stack will be dealt 130,000 Magic damage
      • Since the damage is variable depending on unit number, each stack will be dealt a different amount of damage, but it will always be over 100,000