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Donations: Why?

The Reincarnation is a free game and our intention is to keep our service pop-up and ad free. Running The Reincarnation is not expense free. Our only project funding comes from donations by our players, and is used to pay the hosting costs for our servers.

We need continued donations in order to keep the servers running, to pay the web hosting, keep the domain names registered, and various set up fees.


The expense of running The Reincarnation is approximately 200 Euro per month. This pays for:

  • The physical servers that we rent: Community, Guild, Arch/Solo and Beta.
  • The hosting services (traffic, band width), including set-up fees.
  • Keeping our domain names registered (,



  • The Reincarnation is an independent and non-commercial project. We have no profit aim - not now, not in the future.
  • We do aim to have sufficient savings, to keep The Reincarnation running for 12 months in advance - so there will not be a situation where we run out of funds in the middle of a game round!

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Donations: How?

THANKS A LOT to all people who donated so far and for those that will be donating! You make us run this game. Please consider donating for the future of The Reincarnation.

You may donate in the following ways:

  • Paypal - The easiest method to donate is through paypal. Follow the link to our donation form!
  • Echeck through Paypal - Donate without a credit card!
  • Bank Transfer - Please contact DrGTO at for IBAN/SWIFT code.
  • Mail (NOT prefered) - Please contact DrGTO at

All major currencies are accepted: Euro, US dollar, British pound, etc. (paypal handles this automatically!)
No donation is too large, and no donation is too small. 1000 players donating 2.4 Euros would pay for The Reincarnation for a year!

Supporting Guild Status

Those that wish to donate at least 15 Euros per reset (servers with ~ 2 month reset) or 20 Euros per reset (servers with ~ 3 month reset) can obtain Supporting Guild Status for their guild of choice. This offers guild members features that make playing the game easier and more enjoyable. Consider having your guild become a Supporting Guild today!

Supporting Mage Status

Those that wish to donate at least 5 Euros per reset (any server) can obtain Supporting Mage Status for themself or another mage. This offers the mage nearly all Supporting Guild benefits, with the exception of the guild-specific benefits (spell tracker and enemy list).