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Supporting Guilds

What is it?

Supporting Guilds gives the possibility for guilds to host TR sponsored webpages and run a phpbb3 based forum within The Reincarnations domain and at the same time contributing to the game.

Supporting Guilds feature is a free service for any guild that donates:

  • 20 euros per reset for servers with a 3-month reset
    • Arch server
  • 15 euros per reset for servers with a 2-month reset:
    • Guild Server
    • Beta Server

The following supporting guild features are included for Supporting Guilds:

  • A red star in the guild list on a game server of choice, granting access to:
    • Enemy list to keep track of those that your guild wishes to do to harm to
    • A tool to filter ranklists by protection status or mage speciality colour (in the ranklist page).
    • A tool to keep track of enchantments on enemies by guild mates (found under SOCIETY in the main page)
    • A tool to help you set your preferred building routines (found in the building page)
    • A tool to keep in-game notes rather than to have to message yourself (found in the THRONE ROOM in the main page)
    • Player can see statistics on mage performance (found under SOOTHSAYER in the main page)
    • Features for guild-management by the guild leader
  • Web space to host a forum/guildsite on the domain (link in the guild list).
    • A subdomain on The Reincarnation servers - ex.
    • 25Mb webspace, with an ftp account to upload files
    • A standard install of the latest phpBB forum will be installed. The phpBB3 forum files and configuration are open for the ftp account assigned to each guilds webspace. Note, the phpBB3 forum is installed as is, though different kinds of mods and themes can be uploaded and installed as long as its supported by the creators of the phpBB3 forum. The phpBB3 forum website can be found at:

An example of what some of our Supporting Guilds have done with their web space:

Supporting Players (have donated, not playing in a supporting guild) have access to most of the above tools too.

Improvements and Enhancements

The features for Supporting Guilds are under constant development and new items may be added at any time. The Reincarnation reserves the right to ask for a larger donation for new features added that are not listed.

Registering for a Supporting Guild

To get access to these features, guilds will have to donate at least the minimum amount to The Reincarnation.

The process to get access and use Supporting Guilds feature is quite simple:

  • Donate at least the minimum amount by using Paypal or an alternative form of payment as listed on the donation page.
  • Contact the game admin coordinator ( for the server that your guild will be on, providing:
    • The guild name that you are requesting Supporting Status for
    • The subdomain name that you would like (usually
    • If you used the Paypal form, copy and paste the confirmation screen into your e-mail. Note: Do NOT send any credit card information via e-mail!
  • Allow a couple of days for the registration to complete. When your Supporting Guild's webspace is set up you will receive an email with the information needed to start using it.
  • Thank you for supporting The Reincarnation and may your guild thrive and prosper!

Please be aware that this is a free service for donating guilds. The Reincarnation have the right to end the service for any guild if we find that it's necessary to do so. This basically means that if you mis-use the feature for personal gain, use the ftp account or webspace for anything other than it was intended, we have the right to end the service with NO refund of guild donations. Also webspace and database information is the property of The Reincarnation. The Reincarnation is not responsible for securing data and/or files within the feature. Make sure you make your own backups.


Whom do I contact if I have more questions about Supporting Guilds?
If you want to know how to and/or have questions about Supporting Guilds please post on the Supporting Guilds Board on the TR Forums or send an e-mail to:

Can i donate and get statistics without being in a supporting guild?
Not yet. However it is something that is being worked on.

Will guilds who donate to get access to this feature get any ingame advantages?
No. The Reincarnation will NOT promote supporting guilds with extra features that will gain any kind of advantages ingame. So, NO, there will be no extra resource bonuses for paying players or guilds.

If I donate to have my guild become a Supporting Guild and then leave the guild, can I make a different guild a Supporting Guild?
If you send in another donation then you may have another guild tagged with Supporting Guild status. But once a guild receives this status it can not be removed nor transferred.

I play on 4 servers in 4 different guilds. Can I get Supporting Guild for all of them?
Donations cover one guild per donation. So if you would like to have 4 guilds receive supporting status then 4 donations are required.

If a Supporting Guild disbands, and reforms, can we get our supporting status back?
Unfortunately no. Supporting status may not be transferred. When a guild chooses to disband its status is lost.

*The Reincarnation reserves its right to make modifications to this announcement at any time given, should it so be required.