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About Alzorath

   Alzorath entered the Archmage scene in 1999 on Ager Guild, and joined The Reincarnation staff in 2004. He has served several positions within TR, but is mainly known for his role as a moderator, artist, 'the man with too many suggestions', and helping new players through FAQs and posts in the Hall of Sages section of the UBB.
   In March of 2004, Alzorath was made a forum moderator at the current forums by Manchild. After the retirement of Manchild, Alzorath took on the role of leading the mods in 2005, and the developers took over the administrative responsibility of the forums. Alzorath retired from moderatorship December of 2007 when the job became too much of a burden to go with his increasingly hectic life. Alzorath remains on The Reincarnation's staff as a forum administrator, and though his role is still primarily in the area of public relations (Forum Moderation, Community Support), he has been known to lend a hand in a variety of other projects involving the game and its community.
   During his time as a moderator he also volunteered to do graphics for The Reincarnation on a minimal basis. Although many of his pieces have faded off into the past - he still submits new works every now and then to be added to the stack of potential graphics in the game. Some of this work can be in the sections further down on this page.
   Alzorath's theory of Relativity: Every good attack run, has an equal and opposite online attack.

Playing History

  • Preferred Colors: Phantasm, Nether, Eradication
  • Server Experience: All in both AM and TR (Prefers: Server Guild)
  • Current Status: Inactive/Retired from Game, Active on UBB/IRC in community support roles.

Associated Links

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Understanding Stacking
TR Tutorial Batch #1 - The Basics [The Interface]
- Making a Mage:
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- Soothsayer & Turn Information:
Youtube Channel - TR Tutorials, Minecraft, Shadow Era, as well as both Modern and Classic Game LPs - as well as some voice acting and eventually some speed painting as well :) - check it out.

Sample Icons

Sword/Shield Icon: Swordshield.gif
Geld Icon Options: Icongeld.gif Icongeld2.gif

TR Guilds




AM Guilds

Ager Guild:

Server Guild: