Guildwar:Basin of Far Seeing

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This silver basin is enchanted with the scrying mirror spell. When it is filled with water, it can be used to view any location in Terra. Everytime the basin is used, it requires some time to recharge its energy..

Item Details
Name Basin of Far Seeing
Attribute Unique Reusable
Charge turn 20


  • Grants the user information about the target enemy mage, such as units, stack order and number of units, buildings, active enchantments, among other information
    • The Basin must first pass through barriers
    • Costs one turn to use, and is reusable, requiring 20 turns to recharge before becoming available for use once more
    • The effect is similar to Icon PHANTASM.gif Scrying Mirror or the lesser item Crystal Ball, albeit more effective than both
      • As opposed to the spell and item mentioned above, the Basin will reveal ALL information about the target enemy mage, not just random bits of information
    • The effect can even pierce the Cloak of Concealment, which protects a mage against the other spying spell and item listed above

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